It’s been a while! And this isn’t really a proper post, in fact, i doubt anyone will still be reading this.

The reason i’m posting is because i’ve got a shiny new ipad, and am figuring out how to blog properly from it. This is because i’m starting up a new blog to keep track of our trip across THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! i know, i can’t believe it either, it’s going to be fucking amazing. me, jack and rob are flying out on the 13th of september, and flying back after the fest on the 2st of november, some other people should be joining us for parts of the trip. anyway, i’ll post more about that once i’ve set this blog up. can anyone think up a name for it? i can’t.

i have tried to write blogs for this site a few times over the past 6 months or so. in fact, looking at the drafts saved here, i’ve got one about the website sickipedia, which i’ve copied 4 jokes from that website into a blog. i’m not sure where that blog was ever going to go. there’s another post about propagandi, which i’m sure would’ve been really interesting. and another that’s about 5000 words of gibberish and photos that i wrote after walking back from my mates at 6am hammered off my face, i might post that one up.

any way, i’m just going to check that i can post photos in here, and then i’m out.

hmm, not the best, i’ll have to work on that.

ps, everyone should get ipads, they’re fucking amazing. just for the game veggieslice, you chop up flying vegetables, and i’ve got a bad ass highscore.

pps, to the guy who asked for more info on the millau viaduct about 6 months ago, just steal all your information from wikipedia, it’s what i do.

Location:My Parent’s House


A bit of a venting post here, but i was listening to the radio on the way in, and it was incredibly annoying.
Today, the results of this annual national survey were announced, it’s been going on since 1983, and it’s all about the nation’s views. views on things like divorce, legalising weed, racism, and the main annoying one, homophobia. these are the statistics that the bbc quoted on radio 4, and this is a direct quote off their website:

Some 36% of people thought homosexual acts were “always” or “mostly” wrong, down from 62% when the survey was first carried out, in 1983.

Now is it just me that thinks that’s still awful? that’s over a third of the country that thinks gay people are wrong. yet the bbc seemed to be painting it as if people now have incredibly liberal views on it. just because it was awful in the 80s, doesn’t make it being bad now good.

To make matters worse, they then got on this prick ex-editor of the sun, as well as a politician and ex-eastenders actor. obviously to be the editor of the sun, you have to be a fucking dickhead, but this guy was just a joke. i can’t even remember what he was saying exactly, other than one of his closing comments, which was something along the lines of this: “i think it’s great that homophobia is down by 50% in 27 years, and hope that in another 27 years it’ll be down another 50%, and it will just be a hardcore minority of homophobic people left”. it seems like a nice thing to say, but the first thing i thought was, well, half of 36%, is 18%, which is basically 1 in 5 people. fair enough, that’s a minority, but it’s not exactly a small minority is it? especially as that will be 2037, we’re meant to be living in space then, not hating people because of the way they live their lives.

They get dickheads in like that quite a lot on radio 4, which is great that they give both sides of the argument a lot of the time, but it’s not good for my head first thing in the morning. i just get really annoyed at everything. i even swore at some dickhead driver that pulled out in front of me.

In other news, this is my last week of work. i plan on buying a few crates of beer on friday and just drinking all weekend/week until it’s gone. i’ve still never had beer for breakfast, so i’d like to try that.

Sorry if that blog didn’t make sense, i had one of those nights where i don’t think i actually got any real sleep. staying up until 8am on sunday night/monday morning was a mistake, because i then didn’t get up until 3.30pm on monday, and trying to go to sleep at a reasonable time that night was impossible.

And yet another addendum. Sons of anarchy series two is bad ass, apart from the shitty northern irish accents, which are just bad. i’d love to be in a biker gang, it’d be great. driving round, shooting people, beating them up with baseball bats. what’s not to like?

Another tv programme that is great is Supernatural. it’s got a really shit name, but it’s fun. it’s two brothers that drive around america solving supernatural crimes, it’s fictional (obviously), so it’s not shit like most haunted or anything. and the brothers are cool, they shoot shit up and beat people up all the time.

And another thing (can you tell my mind is wondering), at the end of last week i got a massive craving to watch all the great 80s comedy films, thanks to the constant references in freaks and geeks. so i decided to order a load. i’m hoping they’ll start getting here today. a lot of them i’ve seen loads and should definitely own already, but i don’t. i really can’t wait to watch things like uncle buck and ghostbusters and naked gun again, it’s been way too long.

Basically all i’ve been thinking about these last few weeks is what i’m going to do once i’m jobless. there was still a small chance of my job still being kept on after the end of the month, if the company got lots of work in, but i just gave my boss a lift somewhere, during which he was asking me if i’d found a job yet. so that’s basically confirmed that i’m out of a job. oh well.

I’ve come up with a bit of a plan though, which could be good, or could be awful. there’s basically no jobs going around here at the moment, but my uncle runs a construction company in the midlands. he says that i could get a job for at least a couple of months with him. so the plan at the moment is, end this  job at the end of january. take a few weeks off to watch the winter olympics and the superbowl (quite the plan). then start working down at his, whilst still technically living in leeds. then it’ll be say may time. the world cup a month after that, so move back up to leeds for that, i’ve already paid most of my rent for may and june, so those months would be fairly cheap. and i’d just be able to watch football all the time.
After/during those months, i’d start looking for jobs properly in leeds, hopefully the market will have recovered a bit by then, and there’ll be proper jobs going. otherwise i’ll be doing a byron, and getting on the JSA. or, if i’ve saved up enough money whilst working for my uncle, i might try go away somewhere for a month, but that probably won’t happen.

Alternatively i might try and get a job at this structural computer software company in leeds, nearly all of my work is based on their software, so i understand all that. and i think their technical support staff work from home, which would be great. not having to drive anywhere in the morning. i’d be like homer in that episode of the simpsons, with the bird that pecks the Y button. although preferably not wearing a dress. the only problem is that the only jobs that they’ve got going at the moment are in sales, which i would be fucking awful at. i’m getting an agent to enquire for me though (i sound like a business man), and maybe they’ll see what a star of the construction world i am, and give me a massive salary, a great computer (to install football manager on), and all their software for free (to do work on the sly), it’d be fun.

Sorry for this blog being so boring, this is more of a putting my own thoughts in order blog, than one to entertain anyone.

In other news, i’ve started watching the programme “Supernatural”, it’s a pretty shit name, but it’s a good programme. it’s about these two brothers who drive around america killing demons and getting rid of ghosts. it’s basically like the more supernatural episodes of the x files, but they actually kill the stuff instead of just running away. the over arching story is pretty good as well, their mom got killed in a mysterious way when the brothers were little (they’re mid/late 20s now), and them and their dad are trying to solve the mystery. i’m only just over halfway through the first series, and i think there’s currently 4 series in total, so i’ve got shit loads to watch. there’s about 20 episodes each series as well, and they’re 40 minute episodes. that’ll keep me occupied during unemployment.

I’ve also just ordered to complete friends boxset, which will keep me occupied for fucking years, it’s only £40 for all the episodes at the moment, which is a great deal, there’s 40 dvds in that.

I also apologise for never getting around to doing architecture blogs, that’s what i get all the hits for, rather than my boring drivel. I’ll do one in the next few weeks. sorry.


happy new year everyone, i hope you had a good christmas time! i did, two weeks off work was great, just lazed around the house, got drunk with friends, played a lot of computer games and watched a lot of films. sorry for the lack of blogging over christmas, i was barely on the computer, my brothers have fucked up my parent’s computer, probably from downloading porn.

Re: the title, i really miss the old new year, new start weekender that collective aka used to put on around this time of year. fuck, i just miss the old collective aka gigs, out of spite especially, but the old packhore and fenton gigs in general as well. some of my best student times were spent at those.

It’s a shame that i don’t really go to gigs anymore, other than dillinger 4, i really can’t remember the last gig i went to in leeds. maybe when i’m jobless i’ll go to more gigs. i’m really looking forward to the dear landlord tour, but that’s not til may. i might try and go to a fair amount of those. i think i remember reading that banner pilot are over at that time as well, which will be good.

Talking about being jobless, i can’t remember if i’ve blogged about this yet. before christmas, on the day of our christmas party, we were all told that we’re getting made redundant at the end of january. so now i’ve only got 14 and a half days left this job. it’s a strange feeling knowing that i’m leaving soon, it’s the only job i’ve ever had that i’ve had to work notice properly. do they actually expect me to give a fuck for the rest of this month? it’s also a bit sad, i do quite like it here, out of the 5 other people in the office 4 of them are good people, one of them is a bit of a tosser, just rude and things, but that’s quite a good ratio. it’ll be nice not having the 45 minute commute each way though.
It’s really shit looking for jobs at the moment, well, sensible jobs for me. we’ve got 18 months left on the tenancy for this house, which is a great house. so realistically, it’s got to be a job in the leeds area. my uncle has said he could probably get me a job working for his mate’s company, but that would be in manchester, which would be far too much of a commute for me. but then there’s barely any engineering jobs going in yorkshire, and those that are, are for really experienced people. so i guess i’ll just be dole scum looking for a job, or get a shit job.

One advantage of getting made redundant for february is that it’s the super bowl the weekend after i’m redundant, so i won’t have to call in sick to watch that. and it’s also the winter olympics! i got quite into it last time, it was when the british women did amazingly well at curling. i just love how specific some of the sports are, like the biathalon, cross country skiing and shooting combined, who the fuck thought that up? and the skeleton luge, going head first down a bobsleigh track on basically a tray, are you mental? never mind the skiing/snowboarding/bobsleigh which are all pretty cool. oh, and i’ll get into ice hockey maybe. i’m basically planning on watching nearly all of it, i think it’ll be on from about 2 in the afternoon until about 11, so pretty much perfect timing for would be dole scum like me.

One thing might interfere with my olympics viewing though, and that’s that i’m considering going on holiday for a week or two on my own. i figured i may as well whilst i’m out of work, and i’ve managed to actually get a bit of money saved up recently. but i probably won’t, as it just wouldn’t be sensible.

In other news, there’s yet another social networking website that’s popped up, formspring.me, you can ask people questions, either anonymosly, or with your name at the bottom. my address is:


ask away.

I’ll probably do another architecture blog on monday, not sure what on, possibly burj dubai, or just tall buildings in general, seens as it’s a hot topic right now.

I’ve got back into reading books recently, i used to read quite a lot when i was younger, and then stopped for ages because i chose video games and tv instead. over the last few months, i’ve had at least two books on the go, some fiction, some non-fiction. i’m not really sure what i want this blog to be about, whether it’s a breakdown on my favourite books ever, or just about what i’ve been reading lately. i’ll start typing and see where i end up.

One of the two books i’m reading at the moment is the first Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book. this sort of solves my dilemma from the previous chapter, i’m reading it currently, and it’s one of my favourite books ever. i love douglas adams, and even though this book was written 30 years ago (i think), it still seems modern. and to make it even better, it’s one of the only e-books i’ve got, so i’m reading HGttG on my iphone, which is essentially a hitchhiker’s guide to the world. i got the trilogy in five parts for christmas when i was about 16, but thought, what the fuck is this? it seems well geeky, so didn’t read it for ages, until i was bored the next christmas in fact. and i loved it. my favourite is probably the one (SPOILER ALERT) where he learns to fly, and is flying around london (END OF SPOILER ALERT). my least favourite is the one where he makes sandwiches (that doesn’t need a spoiler alert, because it’s not very good).

I bought the rest of his stuff soon after that, the Dirk Gently books are quite fun, but not as good as hitchhiker’s. Last Chance to See is a great book, it’s a shame stephen fry annoys me quite a lot, so that i didn’t watch much of the recent tv series. boo hoo stephen, your fucking iphone is out of batteries, i don’t give a fuck, go fall over and break your arm again.  it really is a great book though, it’s all about him and his mate going around the world seeing animals that are about to be extinct. i keep meaning to re-read The Salmon of Doubt, maybe i’ll do that over this christmas, it’s a collection of all the last stuff he did before he died, including bits of the third dirk gently book. there’s a new HGttG book out this year, but written by not him, obviously. i can’t believe they’ve let someone do that, i’m just going to ignore it from now on.

The other book that i’m reading at the moment is The End of Mr Y, which is by someone called Scarlett Thomas. This is probably my least favourite book of hers, that i’ve read anyway. it’s basically about this english phd student who finds this book and it’s got a really strange thing going on. it sounds incredibly childish, in fact, me and bonse were talking about whether it’s a childrens book the other day. i’d say it’s childrens book for adults, which i don’t think there are enough of, i don’t want to read about some kid dying in a concentration camp, or getting beat up by his parents, i want to read about some girl that loves learning stuff and goes mental. it’s not just the story that makes me like her books so much, she talks about quantum physics/language/complex maths, and explains it all really well, and it normally fits quite well in to her stories, although sometimes it’s massively forced, but it’s great that she does it. last night i went to bed thinking that there might actually be a god, not because her story was that good (it definitely isn’t), but because of the way she explained the big bang/quantum theory in a way i’ve never thought about before.

The other books that i’ve read by her are Not Going Out and PopCo. Not going out was the first one i read, because it was recommended to me in the back of a douglas coupland book. it’s basically like the film bubbleboy, but set in essex, and about a million times better. there’s this 20 something year old guy who can’t go outside because he’s allergic to the sun, and his next door neighbour was this big brainiac in school, but now she’s just working in pizza hut and is scared to do anything. actually, it’s more wizard of oz set in essex, the bubble is just one of the costumes i guess. that isn’t some big thought i’ve had, she basically says “this is the wizard of oz story”, but i’d forgotten that until now. and they have to drive to wales to go see a magic healer man. it’s great, and always makes me want to drive around britain. me and my mates went on a great road trip once, but that’s for another blog, or maybe i’ve already told it before.

Her other book, PopCo, is really good too. it alternates between the story of a woman, one when she’s 10ish and it’s the 80s (i think), and one when she’s 20 something, and it’s modern day. she’s this child genius (again), and does all these cool code breaking things with her grandad, who used to work at Bletchly Park (which nearly got shut down as a museum this year, but thankfully didn’t basically because of stephen fry, something good he’s done at least). and the other part is about how she’s got head hunted to work for this cool toy company (popco), but then weird things start happening. i’d really recommend all her books to anyone that hasn’t read them. i keep meaning to buy her older books, but never get round to doing so.

God, i’ve written a lot already, but can’t see myself writing another book blog for a while, so i’ll carry on. it might get a bit disjointed though, because i’ll be stopping soon to finish work.

Thinking about those three books always reminds me of another english book, it’s called The Raw Shark Texts, and i can’t remember who it’s by. it’s about this guy who loses his memory, and every few days, he’ll lose it again. it’s not amnesia, but they don’t know what else it could possibly be. i won’t ruin it for you, but it’s basically about the power of words and thought, and treats them as if they can manifest themselves into real physical things. it’s really good, i’m not usually a man who likes thinking about words (i’d rather think about physics), but this made me really think about them.

Thinking about Scarlett Thomas also gets me thinking about Douglas Coupland, pretty logical since he made me first read scarlett thomas’ books. He used to be my favourite author, and i’ve probably read more books by him than any other author, other than stephen king probably. The first book of his i read was Girlfriend in a Coma, the main reason i read this was because i’d just started getting into the smiths a little bit, and had seen people talking about it on punktastic, so picked it up. i loved it straight away, i loved how it started off just about this seemingly mundane life, and then there’s his girlfriend in a coma for 20 years and other things that make it a lot less ordinary. then about two thirds of the way through the book, it all just completely changes direction (i won’t ruin it). i’m sure there’s some much deeper meaning to all that goes on, but i just love a good story.

I’ve read too many of his other books to keep proper track, i think i’ve read all of them, apart from the non-fiction ones about canada/vancouver, which i do want to read at some point. highlights off the top of my head include, All Families are Psychotic, about a family that’s really messed up, the daughter is a cripple who is an astronaut, the brother is a pisshead, and the other brother is a weirdo. the parents are both fucked up too. another one is Eleanor Rigby, another song title, i know, it’s about this woman who was a bit weird as a child and then grew up to be normal, then her long lost/abandoned son finds her when he’s grown up. His recent books haven’t been as good, a lot more pretentious, although his latest one Generation A (a reference to his most famous book, Generation X), is really good. it’s about these 5 people who are all stung by bees, pretty ordinary. except that bees have been extinct for 5 years or so. it’s a really good book, although the ending is either a massive cop out, or again, deeper than i care to think.

I have read books that aren’t set in space/the last 20 years, a lot of the classic american stuff are some of my favourite books, but i think that is definitely for another blog, 1500 words is plenty for one.

Apologies if you did read all of that, for someone that has read quite a few books, you’d expect my english to be a lot better, and not just use the words “really”, “good” and “great” shit loads.

This will probably be my last blog before christmas, look, i’ve even made it snow on for the festive period, although you can’t see it very well on my mainly white page. i’m going to get around to customising my page on of these days, even just having a decent picture at the top would be good.

I used to love christmas, but obviously as you get older, you stop loving it as much. but this year i am looking forward to it more than i have since i was about 12. nearly 2 weeks off to just chill out, play computer games and get drunk with old friends. it’s going to be lots of fun. i don’t have enough holiday days to just use them chilling out.

Thinking about old christmasses is great, i’ve had so many good ones down the years. one of my earliest memories is a christmas when i must have been about 4, i got the ghostbusters car and a couple of the people. i’m not sure if it’s an actual memory, or if it’s  just because my parent’s have a photo of that christmas up in our house. i loved that fucking car. i got the fire station a few years later, but was never allowed the slimer slime because it would make a mess.
Another great year was when i was about 9, i got the le mans scaletrix track. my dad had set it up in the living room in the night when we were asleep. then me, my dad and my sister played it the whole day. it’s such a great game, i might try and buy some now, we could have a bad ass rally course in our living room, and it’s probably cheap.

A more recent good christmas memory is from lower sixth. at our school/sixth form, the lower sixth did a pantomime for the rest of the school each christmas. ours was brilliant. me and two of my mates were dressed as the las ketchup girls and did the dance to that song. then me and some other mates played it’s christmas by slade at the end. i borrowed a friends bass, it was hilarious. i only knew the start and then pretended the rest. i don’t remember the story at all though, and don’t know why i was dressed as a las ketchup girl, i think mario and luigi were involved as well. very seasonal.

I really can’t wait for wednesday though, i’ve decided i’m taking my tv, computer, video player and xbox back. i’m just going to watch old films and play football manager/all the games of the last year that i haven’t started/finished. i plan on watching the star wars trilogy on the day before christmas eve, and then home alone 1+2 and probably elf on christmas eve. oh, and santa claus: the movie, probably my favourite christmas film, we always used to watch it when we were little, obviously it’s aged quite badly though.

it’s just started snowing here, it’d be great if it’s a white christmas, but i doubt it will be. i hope i can get home alright today/tonight though, it’s going to be a good day if i can wake up a bit. knocking off early to start our christmas “party”, hopefully at lunch time. this “party” consitutes going for a curry and then a pub crawl, so a lot better than a normal work party. the only downside is that i’ve got to leave early, because it’s one of the gigs of the year tonight with…

Duh duh duh duh duh duh D                                             4

It’s going to be amazing, it’s at the brudenell as well, which should be a lot better than seeing them at the massive venue at the fest. there’s a downside to this as well, i completely forgot that i left my ticket at my parent’s house, and only got my mom to post it up on tuesday, which was the busiest day of the year for the post. hopefully it will have got here today though, otherwise i’ll be fucked.

The snow’s stopped now, that’s a let down.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night.

Calm down Byron, not that kind.

I meant to write this blog last week, after the film weekend we had. i’ll no doubt miss a lot of films off the list, just because i haven’t seen them in a while. i’ve put youtube links on, but i’m at work, so can’t listen to it, so sorry if it’s something stupid, it’s meant to be from the film. i’m writing them from No 1 up, so it might read a bit strange, sorry.  anyway, here goes:

10 – She’s All That

A very simple, yet classic teen film. It’s basically the story line to that shit scary movie teen film, is it called teen movie? probably. but it’s got freddie prince junior not being as much of a prick and rachel leigh cook looking great, even when she’s meant to be some uggo geek painter. i love the hackeysack art bit, it’s so cheesy but still nice. it was a close call between this and “boys and girls” and “loser”, they’re all pretty bad, but this one is the least bad. and i mean both bad in a good way, and bad in a bad way, they’ve all got their own foibles (first time i’ve ever used that word).

9 – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

This probably doesn’t count as a teen film, especially because i first saw it when i was about 8. but it still is, and it’s still one of my favourite films ever. i saw it when it was on tv a few weeks ago. great rock tunes, hilarious historical figures (so-crates especially). i very rarely watched their bogus journey, i’m not sure why really, i might watch it over christmas. SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!

8 – 10 Things I Hate About You

Another classic modern teen film. Got a great cast of the guy out of third rock from the sun, ally mac and heath ledger. it’s just a shame that fucking julia stiles is in it with her horrible face. it’s probably the closest i’ll ever get to reading shakespeare as well (thank you mrs moreman, watching 1 scene of a video passes us for gcse english).

7 – Road Trip

I guess i see this as sort of american pie 1.5, it was out in between 1 and 2 (i think), and they were at college, it had the same stupid sense of humour and a few tits and great pop punk. the guy out of clueless was in it as well, and he was really cool. it’s just a shame tom green was in it, he wasn’t funny even when i was 15.

6 – Clueless

I did have josie and the pussy cats in this slot, but realised i’d missed clueless out, and josie isn’t really a teen film. it probably shouldn’t be in 6th place, but it is, and i can’t be bothered with cutting and pasting. it’s a fun film, even if brittany murphy is a retard slut, rather than brilliant like in sin city. i love all the slang and things like that. i’ve said later on (this is what people will talk like when we invent time travel) that american pie restarted the teen film extravaganza, but i guess clueless was a good bit ahead of it.

5 – Ferris Beuller’s Day Off

I saw this when i was very young as well, and i still love it. it’s my second favourite john hughes film (oooh i wonder what’s top), it’s great how it all comes together just right. and it’s pretty much the only film where broderick isn’t a complete prick.

4 – Dazed and Confused

I talked about this a few days ago, so not much more to say about it. even though it’s set 20 years before my childhood, it still reminds me of my own.

3 – Mall Rats

This was the first film i bought with my pay cheque from dominos pizza. i’d read about it on the internet for years, and finally got around to buying it. it’s amazing and it nearly got me into liking comics (they turned out to be not very good). it was also before jason lee went batshit mental and became a scientologist, he was just a cool skateboarder back in those days. and the girl with the scratchy voice is in it, which is always a plus.

2 -American Pie

I remember when this film came out, i had no fucking idea what it was about, i just knew it was meant to be a bit rude. me and adam tipper and some other people went to see it in sutton coldfield, but weren’t allowed in because the cinema were being especially strict because of it being rude. i ended up seeing it the week later in stafford, and it was so good. it just completely changed what teenage films were about, there were hardly any between the 80s and the late 90s, and then this came along and kick started it all again. it’s just pretty much everything you want in a teen film, comedy, drunken parties, a few tits, great pop punk tunes. i haven’t watched it in a while, i’ll try get around to it this week. i once watched it when i was on a plane, and they’d changed it to be suitable for everyone. instead of the bit where tara reid is screaming “I’MMM CUMMMMMMMINNNNNNGGGGGG”, she shouted “I’LL BE THERE IN A MINUTE”, which is probably even better than “he’s a funking prink” out of shaun of the dead. i can’t believe they are tainting the name of american pie with all these shit new ones that only have eugene levy in it.

1 – The Breakfast Club

Seriously incredible film, i just love every thing about it, but i’m sure you knew that from me talking about it last week. i tried to find a youtube clip of the two Bender speeches, but couldn’t, this looks suitable though. I hope it’s got molly’s dancing as well, that’s great.

Sorry if some bits of this seem a bit rushed, i got sidetracked with some actual work, and then lunch, and then i couldn’t  be bothered writing lots.

For the first time since i’ve been working at my office, there’s literally no work for me to do, so i’m going through all the old stuff, making it look proper. this is not a good sign for my job, although i was thinking of quitting and working for dominos pizza anyway, i’m sick of this pressure bullshit.

On a good note though, it means i’ve pretty much got a free afternoon of work, so can finally do another architecture blog. This one is about one single building (at the moment anyway, i might go onto something else if i’ve got time). A building called Falling Water:

it’s one of my favourite houses in the world. it’s aged a bit since it was built in the 30s, but that’s to be expected. especially since le corbusier ruined concrete’s image forever. but it’s just an amazing building, it was designed by frank lloyd wright, probably america’s most famous modern architect. it’s just in the middle of these woods, built over a waterfall. i’d never seen a picture of it in the snow before, but it looks even better like that.

I think it does what a lot of planning offices want done nowadays, and what le corbusier tried to do originally, and mixes modern with old/man made with natural. it doesn’t do it by trying to look old, and in turn looking like a shit replication of an old wooden house or anything, it does it by looking completely different, showing the massive contrast between the two things. which emphasises how amazing nature is.

but then it does sort of try to look like it is part of the water fall, with the big thick concrete plinths cantilevering out (wow, i sort of sound like i know what i’m talking about) every where, looking like the big flat rocks below the house. and the core of the house being built out of natural loose stone.

it’s a shame it looks pretty shitty on the inside, but again, that’s to be expected, it’s from the 30s and art deco was in then. it’s strange, i love art deco buildings, but really can’t stand art deco interior design. i think mostly because it’s made out of such dark, shiney wood, it’s just got a depressive feeling to it. although one nice feature of the interior is that the house was built over existing big boulders. and instead of getting rid of one of them, that was the owner’s favourite sun bathing spot, they left it sticking up through the floor. you can see it on this picture, infront of the fireplace:

it’s another instance of combining the natural with the man made. and i guess instead of sunbathing on it like they used to, they would just sit in front of the fire, which is sort of a manmade sun. although it’d be a right bastard if you stubbed your toe on it or anything.

i think another reason i like it is because, even though it was built 20 years before the 50s, it reminds me of 50s sci fi movies, specifically forbidden planet. i have no idea why, i think it’s just the slightly rounded concrete, and it being beige coloured as well. maybe just because it’s an old fashioned idea of the future, like the jetsons. i’ve just been reading the falling water wikipedia page, and i noticed after a while i was even reading the text as if it was being read by an american news reporter from during world war 2. i suppose it’s just a building so clearly of its time.

obviously the coolest thing about the house is that it is built over a stream and waterfall. apparently you can only see the waterfall from out on the balcony, but you can hear the stream from anywhere in the building. and there’s a bit of a man made water fall in the actual building, which then flows back outside. and there’s a stair case going from the living room straight down to the stream below.

It’s a museum now, and open to the public. but it’s near pittsburgh, which is meant to be a shithole. still, when/if i go on my american road trip, i’d love to visit it.

I think my next architecture blog will be on the chrysler building, my favourite skyscraper (fuck you, empire state). i wrote a fair bit about it at uni, so i should still be able to write about it now.

This weekend was film weekend, it wasn’t planned as such, but it turned out it anyway.

I got home from work on friday and me and byron started our friday night ritual, watch the office, it’s always sunny and friday night lights. we even threw community into the mix this week, which is quite good. i see it as sort of a cross between undeclared and scrubs. the girl also looks like a white version of the sister out of smart guy. here are two photos for your records:

it’s quite hard to notice in a photo, because their heads are so weird, but on film it’s definitely close. she also looks a bit like that girl out of the princess diaries (anne hathaway maybe?).

i then got an urge to rewatch zombieland, so we put that on. i really like this film, woody harrelson is hilarious. and i quite like that new actor guy, and the girl. and for a young actor, the little miss sunshine girl isn’t really annoying, which is quite good.

the obvious film to watch after zombieland is adventureland. it’s quite strange that that guy is in two films out in the same year that both end in land. it would be good if all the films he’s ever in end in land. adventureland is really good as well, it has great songs on it and the story is nice.

that was the last film of film night part 1, it ended at about 3am i think. we also got a dominos in, half and half texas bbq (the best pizza in the world) and half big smoky. big smoky is the new bbq base dominos, it had sausage on it and that’s all i remember. it was quite nice, not a patch on texas bbq though.

saturday was when film night really kicked off. we watched soccer saturday and i watched half of man city chelsea. then straight after that we got into it with van wilder. it’s probably one of my top teen(ish) films. it’s got tara reid in it before she turned into a smackhead, and ryan reynolds is great (unlike in adventureland, where he’s a dick).

after van wilder it was empire records. i hadn’t seen it in a couple of years before saturday, and it’s still really good. liv tyler and even renee zelweger (no chance am i spelling that correctly) are good in it, and mark is hilarious. i’d love to own a shop like that, or even work at one, just piss around playing music all day. it’s probably my second favourite music orientated film after almost famous. i love the song that renee and that bloke sing at the end, i might track down the soundtrack.

then it was onto the breakfast club. we’d both wanted to watch this after the first episode of community the night before. this retard guy keeps quoting films, and he did the speech by bender about it being ” a fucking banner year in the old bender family”, it’s probably my favourite bit in the film. i’ve loved the breakfast club for years, and watch it every couple of months.

the breakfast club got us thinking about emilio estevez, and as such obviously the mighty ducks films, which means that this week is going to be might ducks week. emilios career has really stalled since the mighty duck films though, he’s been in about 10 things in the last 10 years, 2 of them are tv series that his dad and brother star in, and the others are mostly foreign things. poor emilio. mighty ducks (get the might duck fucks) and shermer high school, illinois got me thinking about kevin smith films, so i think the week after, i’ll be having a kevin smith marathon. it’s been far too long since i’ve watched clerks and mallrats and all the others.

After the breakfast club we took another step back in time, although not really. we watched dazed and confused. this is my favourite film to get drunk watching, and i did that succesfully this time. when i first bought the video, when i was about 17, i used to put either this or a new hope on after getting in from a night out and sit up watching it. it’s another thing that really makes me want to go driving in america, and also get drunk on top of a water/moon tower. randy “pink” floyd is a great guy as well, helping out mitch after his mates hit him with the cricket bats. i was saying this to byron, but can you imagine if someone tried to make that a yearly ritual over here? 18 year olds going round hitting 14 year old kids with cricket bats, the 18 year olds would just get battered by the 14 year olds’ big brothers/dads.

the last film of the night (film five, for those that lost count), was josie and the pussycats. another film i’ve loved for ages, i just wish rosario dawson and her giant body weren’t in it. i don’t know if this is because i don’t really like her, or because her character is a stupid bitch. this film has a brilliant sound track as well, especially the song at the start.

All in all it was a great weekend of films, and probably a better saturday night than the cockpit would have been.

I also bought the nhl 3 vs 3 arcade game on the xbox, and we played shit loads of that. it’s one of the most intense games i’ve ever played, non-stop action and some great tackles.

my betting this weekend was fucking awful. the main bad bet was putting £10 on spurs to win. i thought they’d batter everton because of how fucked everton are with injuries. and they did batter them for a while, and at 2-0 i was feeling quite confident. obviously they had to fuck it up though, i really can’t believe defoe took such a shit penalty, what a prick.

i don’t know what the fuck is going on with people reading my blog though, i’m getting about 80 people a day reading my architecture ones. A) i’m not that interesting B) how the fuck did you find it? C) don’t take anything i’ve said in my architecture type ones as fact, it’s probably bullshit.

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